Further details are available when you book. Bookings cannot be completed online. Please call the parish office during business hours: (03) 9412 8495.


Date and Time

Marriages are normally celebrated on Saturday at Holy Rosary and St Brendan’s. The celebration of marriage may take place either within Mass or outside of Mass. This is to be discussed with the priest conducting the ceremony. Your officiating priest will discuss with you the order of service and the various reading and prayers couples can select.


A marriage preparation program is an integral part of preparing for your wedding. The Archdiocese of Melbourne requires every wedding couple to complete a certified preparation course before a Catholic priest or deacon may witness their marriage.

The administration staff are able to help direct you to a marriage preparation program when you make your booking.

Required Documents

Full birth certificate, not an extract and must be in english
Certificate of baptism (for Catholics and other Christians)
Photo ID (Passport and Australian drivers' license)
Freedom to marry/ permission to marry document from local parish in which you reside (for Catholics)
Evidence of dissolution/nullity (for the civilly divorced)

The Ceremony

It is essential that music chosen for the ceremony is either of a sacred or classical nature and appropriate for the occasion. The office can direct you to professional and talented organist/singers of the parish.

The couple is responsible for the floral decoration of the church. It is possible to use the church vases.

Pew bows 
Couples are welcome to use the seat bows of the parish.

Photography and video
Please ensure that photography and video taken during the ceremony is not intrusive and respects the sacred nature of the church.

Confetti and rose petals are not permitted inside or outside the church.

Fee Structure

For Holy Rosary Church and St Brendan’s Church
The cost to use Holy Rosary Church is $1300.  This includes the $100 booking fee.
If you are bringing your own priest the cost is $900. This includes the $100 booking fee. The $100 booking fee is non-refundable. A booking is only confirmed once the fee is paid and the booking form is returned to the parish office. Please take note of this requirement. Final payment is to be made at least one month prior to the wedding.

Cancellation of Bookings
Please contact the parish office in writing (post/email) if you wish to cancel your booking -this is a courtesy for other couples who wish to use the church. To proceed in booking your wedding please contact the parish office to check availability and request a copy of the booking sheet.

Final Arrangements